White, Resin Wedding/Event Chairs           $3.00/ea
8 Foot Rectangle Folding Tables                  $12.00/ea 
60" Round Resin Tables                               $12.00/ea
Resin Cocktail Tables                                    $10.00/ea
(Up to 15 miles - .50/per mile thereafter)

___1 - All rentals must be secured by a 50% non-refundable deposit at time of order to save the date. Once this payment is made you are accepting the terms and conditions of the Bar 7 Event Rentals Contract. The remaining balance (including a 25% Total Invoice Damage Deposit) will be due thirty days to two weeks prior to your event. Once final payment is made, no subtractions of items will be accepted.  Customer may add rental items upon availability.  The Damage Deposit will be returned within 30 days after your event less any charges for damage, extra time cleaning, or other costs incurred by Bar 7 Event Rentals due to failure on your part to abide by the policies stated herein.  Bar 7 Event Rentals will be the sole judge as to the condition of the rental equipment.  Abuse, neglect, theft and/or damage of any kind, including abnormal wear, is the sole responsibility of the Customer. Permission is hereby being given to make damage/cleaning deposit deductions if it is determined that damages have occurred to the rental equipment.

___2 - Payment can be made by cash or check; If rental property is not returned, or is returned in a dirty or damaged condition, Customer will be charged the replacement value of ruined or missing rental property, repair costs, and for lost income.  If any damage or theft occurs to rented equipment, you will be responsible for the entire amount even if it exceeds the Damage Deposit amount.  A $30/hour/person cleaning fee will be deducted from Customer Damage Deposit for dirty items. Customer agrees to pay all monies for damaged, missing or ruined equipment. Net 30 accounts will accrue a 10% interest charge for unpaid balances after 30 days, interest rate will increase 5% each additional month thereafter. 

___3 - Deliveries are made during Bar 7 Events normal business hours, at street level, unless otherwise arranged. If the venue is located in a remote area and upon site arrival the road is not suitable to drive down, it is at the Bar 7 Management's discretion to not deliver the items to that location, no refund will be given.

___4 - Unload, set-up, take-down and reload is the responsibility of the Customer.  In the case Bar 7 Event Rentals arrives at a venue/location at scheduled time and is unable to deliver/pick-up rental property, a stand by fee of $30/per hour/per person will be deducted from Customer's Damage Deposit. 

___5 - Customers MUST have at least two physically capable people at the site to count/receive items delivered, unload/reload items and sign delivery slip. Customers MUST have all tables and chairs covered (with provided bags), stacked neatly OUT OF THE ELEMENTS and ready for pick-up (Customer responsible to load/unload all rental items) at the drop-off site and at a time predetermined and agreed upon.   In the case Bar 7 Event Rentals arrives at a venue/location at schedule time and is unable to deliver/pick-up rental property, a stand by fee of $30/per hour per person will be deducted from Customer's deposit.  

___6 - No item subtractions may be made within 30 days of the event, you can however subtract up to 15% of your order 30 days prior to event date. Items subtracted less than 30 days before the event will be subject to a 15% restock charge. Additions may be allowed, subject to availability; no credit will be given for unused items.

___7 - Customer agrees that rental property is of a size, design, and capacity chosen by Customer, and that Bar 7 Event Rentals does not make any representation, warranty, or covenant, express or implied, regarding the quality, durability, or suitability of rental property. Bar 7 Event Rentals shall not be liable to Customer for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by rental property, or by any inadequacy or defect.

___8 - Customer shall indemnify Bar 7 Event Rentals against any claim, action, damages, and liability, including attorneys’ fees, arising or connected with customer’s use and possession of rental property. Customer assumes liability for, and shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Bar 7 Event Rentals and its agents, employees, officers, and assigns from and against any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, demands, damages, injuries, claims, penalties, suits, actions, costs, and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, relating to or arising out of the use, condition, operation, ownership, selection, delivery, leasing, or return of rental equipment regardless of where, how, and by whom operated, or any failure on the part of Customer to perform or comply with the conditions of this contract.

___9 - Customer agrees that rental items are for his or her personal use. Possession may not be transferred to any other person or to any other location.  

___10 - Customer understands that they are liable for the cost of the rental regardless if weather permits either setup or tear down. 

___11 - In the case Bar 7 Event Rentals arrives at a venue/location at schedule time and is unable to deliver rental property, a stand by fee of $30/per hour per person will be added to Customer order. 

By signing below customer agrees to all terms and conditions stated in the above contract.